Emscher River

With the motto “Discover the art – experience the change” the Emscherkunst accompanies the renaturation of a natural river in the heart of the Ruhr Area – the Emscher – as a triennial exhibition. Core theme, next to the conversion of the Emscher to a renaturalized river system, is the destruction and transformation of the Ruhr Area’s industrial landscape. Aspects like climate, ecology and participation are parts of the curatorial concept again. These themes have been unchanged since 2010, but newly added since 2013 has been the urban context, which gets its own focal point in 2016. The artists who were invited dealt with the exhibition areas intensively during their tour and will create works inspired by those places.

Emscher Conversion

Emscher-Conversion, (c) Rupert Oberhäuser, EmschergenossenschaftThe about 80km long river Emscher in the heart of the Ruhr Area are the object of a generation project in which the river will be transformed back from being an open sewer to a natural river… more




Emscher Landschaftspark

Emscher LandschaftsparkEmscher Landscape Park is the central park of the Ruhr metropolis, offering a multitude of leisuretime attractions and fascinating insights into an exceptional landscape of industrial culture and landscaping… more




Urban Art

One of the most important aims of Emscherkunst 2016 is the further developement of urban space though art… more