Regionalverband Ruhr

idruhr_RVR.Logo1_farbigRVR, headquartered in Essen, is a cooperative venture of the 11 autonomous towns and four counties in the Ruhr metropolis with around 5.2 million inhabitants. As a regional planning authority, RVR is responsible for the regional planning in the Ruhr metropolis. In the general assembly, the regional council decides changes and additions to the regional plan within its sphere of influence. RVR is the organiser of important infrastructure projects, including the ‘Route of Industrial Heritage’ and the Emscher Landscape Park.

RVR’s responsibilities include regional economic and tourism promotion, as well as public relation work for the Emscher Landscape Park. In collaboration with its communal partners, RVR is responsible for the organisation of the region’s seven recreational and leisure time parks. RVR raises geological and climate data about the region, and makes these available to its member communes for e.g. planning purposes.