Benjamin Bergmann

*1968 in Würzburg, lives in Munich

The absurd, irritation, mistakes, displacements of reality are tools with which Bergmann works on his spacious installations, sculptures and objects. His works might even be seen as tools themselves with their visible signs of usage and functionality. In the form of a juxtaposition of artwork and observer that can be experienced physically, the artist provokes a dialogue. The works assist both artist and audience in becoming active, determined mistakes and make them anew.

For the exhibition Tatort Paderborn (Paderborn, 2014) he placed an enormous rotary clothes drier in the middle of the “Rikus Brunnen” fountain in the pedestrian zone, carefully stocked with clothes sorted by colour and form. The fountain’s water is pumped up through the inside of the construction, and then rains down in delicate spouts, keeping the textiles from drying.

The observer experiences different stages of reception: An at first unexciting, mundane view develops to amused surprise and often ends in thoughtful ambiguity, where nearly all frames of mind are possible. Benjamin Bergmann is again and again able to sneakily thwart the observer’s familiar view and present new dimensions of the usual.

Benjamin Bergmann studied sculpturing at the Academy for Fine Arts in Munich. He’s part of many collections and has a long list of participation in international and national exhibitions. Furthermore, he has been awarded numerous renowned art awards. He was e.g. chosen as the “Artist of the Year” by an international expert panel in 2011, and was awarded the Price of the city of Nordhorn in 2012. 2015 he completed the Bundeskulturstiftung’s scholarship at the Palazzo Barbarin in Venice.