Bogomir Ecker

*1950 in Maribor, Slovenia, lives in Düsseldorf

Bogomir Ecker came to Germany as the son of Yugoslavian immigrants and grew up in Duisburg. After an apprenticeship as a typesetter, he studied at the Art Academy Karlsruhe from 1971-1973 and then until 1979 at the Art Academy Düsseldorf. He was professor for Sculpturing at the Higher School of Fine Arts in Hamburg from 1993-2002 and has been Professor at the Higher School of Fine Arts in Braunschweig since 2002.

Exhibitions and awards (selection):

Bogomir Ecker participated in the document 8 in Kassel, in 2002 he was the first to be awarded the prestigious “MFL Preis Kunst am Bau” at the Essener Museum Folkwang and in 2009, he realized a monumental sculpture for the city of Brussels at the big Place Flagey.