Erik van Lieshout

*1968 in Deurne, lives in Rotterdam

Erik van Lieshout is one of the most well-known Dutch artists. His projects mostly consist of multimedia installations, often connected with video works shown in special rooms and are made of collages of drawings and pictures. In his works, issues like sex, violence, politics and consumer culture are treated equally humoristic frank and without respect. Van Lieshouts films are a hybrid of documentation and orchestrated performances. In this, the artist crosses personal limits to expose the problems of our society.

Lieshout often creates site-specific works that deal with a multitude of social and political themes. For this he prefers to create a radical personal approach to places and surroundings by taking action and becoming a protagonist. Prior to the manifesta 10 in St. Petersburg, Erik van Lieshout observed and accompanied the cats that live in the Hermitage’s famous cellar vaults for two months. For the exhibition itself, van Lieshout created an extensive installation of a small, tight tunnel, where the film “The Basement” about the cats and their caretakers was shown. The film’s partly very humoristic scenes were counteracted by political collages about Putin and Russia on the tunnel’s walls.

Exhibitions and Awards (selection):
Erik van Lieshouts works haben been shown all over the world in many museums and exhibitions, as the museum Bojimans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, the Kunsthaus Zürich and the Städtische Galerien at the Munich Lenbachhaus, the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt, Hammer Museum Los Angeles and during the Biennial di Venizia. In September 2016, van Lieshout’s works will be shown in a big solo exhibition at the WIELS Centre d’Art Conteporain in Brussels.