Janet Cardiff

*1957 in Brussels, Canada and
*1960 Vegreville, Canada, live in Berlin und Grindrod, Canada

The installation artist and film maker Janet Cardiff and the artist George Bures Miller have been working together artistically since the 1980s, while still creating their own autonomous works, too. Cardiff and Miller are internationally known especially for their sound installations, which often contain eeire undertones and play with the ambiguity of objects and fragmented narratives.

At the documenta (13), the artists exhibited two works. Among them was the multimedia installation Alter Bahnhof Video Walk (Old Train Station Video Walk), where visitors were invited along to a stroll through the Kasseler Kulturbahnhof (Kasseler cultural station). Equipped with headphones and a media player, they walked through the actual train station, while an interactive movie was playing on the portable screen. With the backdrop of the station, the movie told a story reminding of the past of the train station as a traffic hub when thousands of Jews were transported to the concentration camps by the Nazis. During the walk, the reality of the lively train station and the events in the movie weaved together closely, letting the past and present reality become peculiar disarray and making it difficult for visitors to keep these two layers separated.

Exhibitions and Awards (selection):
Cardiff und Miller had solo exhibitions at, amongst others, the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (2009), the MACBA, Barcelona (2007), and in the Miami Art Museum (2007). Cardiff und Miller were participants at the Biennale of Sydney (2008) and the Biennale di Venezia (2001). 2011 they were awarded Käthe-Kollwitz-Award.