Kunstakademie Münster

The Art Academy Münster is a university for Fine Arts. In the spirit of free art, both artists and art teachers take classes in the areas of painting, sculpturing, installation art, performance, photography, film, and new media together. Additionally, history, critic, theory and didactics of art are available as scientific focuses. The principal of studying at a studio under an artist professor is based on the artistic schooling at the classical Art Academies and is fundamentally different to the class system as it is practiced in the Anglo-Saxon countries.
Founded in 1971 as an institute for art teachers of the state Art Academy Düsseldorf, the University became autonomous in 1987. Since 2001 all the university’s departments are united with an own library in a new building that was specifically build for the Academy. In the past 25 years the Art Academy Münster has developed to a place with international presence. With its artistic and scientific professorships and new workshops, the Academy offers the best conditions for studying in a city that has been connected with contemporary art for long through the sculpture project Münster, the LWL-Landesmuseum, the Westfälischen Kunstverein and the Kunsthalle.

In the context of the Emscherkunst 2016 the Art Academy Münster’s students – lead by Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ulrich – are developing multiple art projects and different interventions in the area of Dortmund.