Mark Dion

*1961 in New Bedford, lives in New York and Beach Lake

Since the mid 80s Mark Dion is intensively concerned with the history of our dealing with nature and studies especially the representation of nature within science as a symptom of political, social and cultural discourse. Further, he dealt with the situation and the destruction of nature in conurbations. Mostly, Dion presents the results of this fieldwork in thorough installations both in museum exhibitions and public space.

Mark Dion, coming from a working class family, started his studies at the School of Visual Arts in 1984 in New York and participated in the Independent-Study-Program of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York in 1985, where he met with concept artists Hans Haacke and Joseph Kosuth. 1986 he changed to the School of Art of the University of Hartford in Connecticut where he received the honorary doctorate in 2003.