Natalie Jeremijenko

*1966 in Australia

Natalie Jeremijenko is an artist, an engineer and an inventor with special focus on ecological and urban themes. Her doctoral studies dealt with Biochemistry, Mechatronics, Room-Systems and Fine Mechanics. Additionally, she studied Biochemistry, Physics and Neuroscience. She’s an active member of the movement and her works draw on the intersection of society, environment and technology. Currently, she’s professor at the New York University at the faculty for Visual Arts. Her artistic praxis is part of the experimental design, which she herself calls “xDesign”.” xDesign” scouts out the possibilities of new technology in relation to social change. The central thought is participating in the production of knowledge and information, but also equally the political and social possibilities and limits of new technology. Jeremijenkos works consist of a wide selection of media, from static indexes like the “Despondency Index”, which correlates the Dow Jones with the suicide rate at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, up to robotics, e.g. developing the “Feral Robotic Dogs” which are capable of investigating environmental dangers. Natalie Jeremijenko is the “Environmental Health Clinics” founder and director, which sponsors projects improving ecological and human health.

Exhibitions and Awards (selection):
Natalie Jeremijenko was awarded the VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards Pioneer Prize in 2014, 2013 she was recognized with the Most Innovative People Awards and she was voted to be one of the most influential women in technology in 2011.