Nevin Aladağ

*1972 in Van, Turkey, lives in Berlin

Nevin Aladağ, an artist of Turkish origin, came 1973 to Germany and grew up in Stuttgart. In 2000 she finished her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with a diploma in sculpting. Questions about origin and identity play a huge role in Nevin Aladağs works. Often, she takes the mundane from its customary context and fuses it to new constellations. Still, she does not argument from a position of loss of cultural identity through migration. Nevin Aladağ’s works often consist of sculptural interventions, medial presentations and Low-Tech-video documentations, which call for actions instead of passive observing. Through the examination of self- and external perception, role ascription and self-design the artist not only questions clichés and pre-coined expectations fundamentally, but also faces them with a mix of faded tradition, conserving cultural identity and the conscious counter draft to the own identity. The public space of her works often becomes a place to observe and act, where the personal overlaps with the social and the politic.

Exhibitions and awards (selection):
Solo exhibitions among others at the Frankfurter Schirn Kunsthalle, the Berlinische Gallery, at the Institute for Contemporary Art London and the Munich Pinakothek of the Modern and Collection of Modern Arts. She also participated in many group exhibitions, among others the Museum Fridericianum, Kassel; Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris; Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin; Museo Tamayo, Mexico City; Museum Ludwig, Köln; Kunsthaus Zürich and many more. Nevin Aladağ has also been awarded the George Macunias advancement award 2008 and the GASAG advancement award 2007.