Roman Signer

*1938 in Appenzell, Switzerland, lives in St. Gallen

Roman Signer is a Swiss sculptor, drawer, action and concept artist. He is one of the most important contemporary artists in Europe. Since the 70s, he has been working on defining sculpturing new: Signer includes parameters like time, acceleration and change in the sculptural process and investigates the medium’s possibilities. His works distinguish themselves with the mean’s simplicity. Classic sculptural materials are replaced by sand, water, wind, and simple objects of daily, use that are subjected to complex processes of transformation.

Exhibitions (selection):

Roman Signer has been awarded the Kulturpreis St. Gallen twice (1998 and 2004), and he also received the Aachener Kunstpreis in 2006 and the Ernst Franz Vogelmann-Prize for sculpture in 2008.