Stracke & Seibt

Verena Seibt und Clea Stracke, *1980 in Dachau / *1982 in Berlin, live in Cologne and Munich

Verena Seibt and Clea Stracke studied at the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Munich and have been working together as the artist duo Stracke&Seibt since 2006. They were awarded the Erwin and Giesela von Steiner Foundation’s Diplompreis in 2009, and a DAAD Scholarship/Los Angeles and the Bavarian Kunstförderpreis in 2012, and furthermore, in 2013 the Kunststiftung NRW’s Ringerberg scholarship and the Hartware MedienKunstVerein (HMKV) Dortmund’s Medienkünstlerinnen Preis.

The artists understand their artistic work as something local: research drawing on real (urban, social, architectonic or institutional) spaces and digging up the buried truth of those spaces. Clea Stracke and Verena Seibt always operate just under the surface of reality with their subtle maneuvers. They create imaginary spaces by entering real spaces tentatively, marveling, dissecting, and balancing their findings on the fine line between fiction and reality.

It’s an archaeologic way of approaching, one that digs up things that have been buried, discovers new places, literally: the artist take something away, that the locations had veiled and hidden until then. This way, the artists express what used to stick to the locations unnoticed: e.g. when they transformed the flatwork feeders of a former laundry shop through a few scant, precise changes to a memorial for women’s liberation (“Weil ich es will”, 2008); or when they added the soundtrack of an invisible feast to the air conditioning center of an old furniture shop, recounting a past, a different life, that disappeared somewhere (“Factory”, 2006). They not only explore the break points of reality, but also those point, there a subtle change of the world sharpens the view on that same world.