founded in 1993 by Rasmus Nielsen (*1969), Jakob Fenger (*1968) and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen (*1969) in Kopenhagen

Their projects have a strong participatory character, they like to involve their audience and encourage and demand social engagement. Often, they deal with alternative economies and self-organization. For this, the artists like to seize strategies of economic trade, e.g. mechanisms of brand identity and value creation processes, and use those for creating tools. Those tools can be taken on by groups, institutions and people and be modified for their own purposes.

“Supergas” (1998) is a project for the production and use of simple, portable bio gas factories, which were installed with the help of African and Danish engineers in Africa and Asia. Furthermore, a lot of other projects have been realized in the last years, like the fairly produced drink “Guarana Power” and the Open Source Beer Vores Øl.

Superflex developed a video platform for sharing your own video productions together with the programmer Sean Treadway. Superchannel helps a variety of groups to communicate their ideas: the spectrum of users goes from musicians, political activists and artist to art institutions. The Superchannels first channel went online in May 1999, now it consists of more than 31 channels. Superflex supports the developement of new channels, and, in cooperation with experts, provides knowhow and technical support.