Ship, expedition equipment, log book

The artist duo Clea Stracke & Verena Seibt’s participative and performative project ARCA played at all seven art areas of Emscherkunst 2016. A grounded expedition ship served as their and their newly founded expedition crew’s mobile discovery station and atelier, from which the surroundings were taken into account and surveyed anew. With experts of different disciplines, like water colours, colour collection, concrete seeing, strolling, unconditional listening, they discoved the present of the Emscher area. With graphical nature studies and artistic strolling taken as a basis, the expedition’s participants collected impressions of the area concerning the obvious breaks in the scenery during their forays. Especially in the as-if-game of discovering, the possibility of perceiving the known, familiar, homly with new eyes becomes tangible. The expedition was accompanied by an digital log book documenting the events on board and during the tours.