For the Emscherkunst 2016, the artist Nevin Aladağ metaphorically traces the imprint of the Ark Noah – supposedly found by an Armenian pilot on the Mountain Ararat in Turkey – in the “Hochwasserrückhaltebecken” (flood retention basin), short HRB, in Dortmund. The artist deploys 60 more than two meter high Breakwater (“Wellenbrecher”) in the form of concrete tetrapods which are commonly used in water engineering to secure shores. Through this, she refers concretely to the location and its protective function: After its final completion, the HRB will serve by absorbing flood waves in case of heavy rain. The Wellenbrecher both reference the Ark Noah and the hope of a new beginning after catastrophes, as they are written into humanity’s memory and present in today’s discussion about the hardship of fleeing people.

The installtion remains on site after the ending of the exhibition an can be visited anytime. The area of the water retention basin is part of an protected area for nature and animals. Please note that the sculpture can only be visited from distance, because of breeding seasons of birds. To protect the plants and wildlife the individual elements of the installation as well as the nearby tower are no longer accessible.