cloud machine


During the summer of 2016, artist Reiner Maria Matysik gathered clouds over the idyllic lake panorama at lake Phoenix See’s easter shore. With the help of a machine the lake’s water was transformed into cloud building steam. This way, a part of the lake ascended towards the sky and evokes somewhat supernatural connotations. At the same time, the lake as a body of standing water is questioned about its potential: Similar to the Emscher – located on the lake’s northern shore – which has already run through the artificial course of renaturization, the lake is not a natural water body, but is a recreational area created by humans on a former steel plant property. The project cloud machine furthermore highlights the measures taken as part of the Emscher conversion project and the creation of Lake Phoenix See and asks the question: Is it really possible to build towards nature?

The art work has been dismounted and put back in storage.