Glück auf! Bergarbeiterproteste im Ruhrgebiet


Silke Wagner chose an unusual location for her project – a digestion tank on the former wastewater plant Herne, close  to the Stadthafen Recklinghausen. The digester was cleaned, gutted and renovated, letting its peculiar egg-shape develop an own, uniquely aesthetic quality. The artist has designed a monumental wall mosaic for the digester’s outside. As a “belly band”, the mosaic hugs the more than 600qm sized cylindrical middle part of the tower. Titled Glückauf.Bergarbeiterproteste im Ruhrgebiet (good luck.miner’s protest in the Ruhr area) it displays important historical scenes from the past 120 years: starting with the miner’s first big general strike in 1889 to the politic decision of discontinuing the coal subsidy until 2015. Borrowing from English mural art’s aesthetic and iconography, Silke Wagner understands the mosaic as a monument of mining history. The solidarity and politicization processes accompanying the mining strikes were crucial for the evolving labor movement and worker culture, which were of vital importance in the democratization of Germany in the early 20th century. The wall mosaic also honors these processes and the mine worker culture.

Visitor information:

The art work is located on the grounds of the former purification plant “Kläranlage Herne”. It is accessible anytime.
Adress: Vockenhof 1, Herne
GPS: 51.55832, 7.20394