For the 100 days of Emscherkunst, the Berlin based atelier le balto transformed a big, overgrown hazel nut grove close to an autobahn feeder in Dortmund into a walkable, green platform close to the riverside. The grove – grown tight and high – fascinated atelier le balto at first sight: Its inside reminds of a high cathedral, crafted artfully by nature. The landscape architecture office makes this special place accessible, and transforms it in a place to linger, one that invites to take the opportunity to take a Kunstpause (lit. “art break”, means a dramatic pause) along the nearby biking route, to take some time to rest and have a look at the river Emscher.

The Berliner collective proceeds considerately with the landscaping and strives to preserve the place’s original character. The space around and inside of the hazel nut grove will be cultivated with chosen native plants, but also enhanced by some exotic plants. The platform that integrates itself island-like is accessible via gangplanks.

The installation remains after the ending of Emscherkunst 2016 and can be visited anytime.