Land for 5 Final Acts

With Magdalena Graf, Stephan Dillemuth, Klara Hobza, Till Krause and guests

Our times a strongly determinde by functionality and purpose, even landscape as such is subject to socially clear rules, it is purpose subordinated space. Landscape oftentimes has to bow down to a few, mostly economically connoted intentions. The collective “Galerie für Landschaftskunst” (Gallery for Landscape Art) questions this purpose-based entity of landscape and tries to free it from such allocations, in order to allow other modes of existence beyond that.

In context of the wide-spanning Emscher conversion the field “Wehofer Feld” in Dinslaken-Averhof will be Im Kontext des weitangelegten Emscher-Umbaus wird auch das Wehofer Feld in Dinslaken-Averhof will be allocated to new purposes. A water-meadow landscape for flood retention will come into being and the ecological improvement of the open sewer Emscher will advance further. A small, rigid plot of land has been excluded from the prevoiusly common land use and it has forever been allocated to a new, open determination: It has become the Land of 5 Final Acts. This approx. 40 m² big site is supposed to stay untouched from the conversion and the new meaning of the landscape. Bevor the plot of land was consigned to eternity, 5 Final Acts (a horse race, an exorcism and more) were executed on site.

The plot of land will be perserved even after Emscherkunst and from time to time serveral events will take place on site.

Visitor information

The „Land for 5 Final Acts“ is open to visitors anytime.
Adress: access via Brinkstrasse, Dinslaken-Averhof
Geocoordinates: B: 51°32’44.90″N / L: 6°45’37.06″E