Light installation & Catch As Catch Can

German light artist Mischa Kuball and Lawrence Weiner, one of the founding fathers of the American concept art decided on a unusual cooperation for Emscherkunst 2010. Around the premises of a former sewage plant in Bottrop-Ebel they realised a two-part installation:

Mischa Kuball focused on the former purification basins: On the outer edge of the basins he created a light ring from LED tape. It moves wave-like in circles around the basins and accentuates the whole site after dark.  On the roof of the former operation building built in the late 50’s Lawrence Weiner installed the phrase CATCH AS CATCH CAN in bright and big letters. It resembles advertising panels and cinema advertising from the 50’s and 60’s and recalls the origin times of the building.

While Weiner’s letter sign can only be seen by day, the light installation by Mischa Kuball is visible after sun down.  Both art works therefore form a sort of dialogue, a dialogue of light and language, which – assigned onto the European cultural history – marks the fundamental aspects of human communication. As Mischa Kuball puts it:  “Light and word represent the basic idea of  the descriptiveness and legibility of the world itself. When language and light come together, the basic elements of knowledge are given.  “

Visitor information

The art works can be visited during the opening hours of the BernePark.

Anfahrt: Ebelstraße 25a, 46242 Bottrop