reemrenreh (kaum Gesang) und Leben


For his extraordinary installation reemrenreh (kaum Gesang und Leben) (“reemrenreh (hardly any singing and life)”) the slowenian-german artist Bogomir Ecker chose the so called “Herner Meer” (“Sea of the city of Herne” – Close to the Stadthafen Recklinghausen). At the head of the pier, which is almost like a peninsula between the Rhine-Herne Canal and the marina, a monumental, three-part sculpture stands in the water, as if a rising water level or sinking earth had scuttled the work of art! A streetlight also stands matter-of-factly in the water, so that when it grows dark, the sculpture seems to be lit up by a nightlight. In many of his pieces, Ecker uses the abstract as a motif, while the individual elements of the sculpture look like casts of existing objects and everyday forms, and in some cases, they actually are. Piled up like a house of cards, cheekily challenging gravity, the sculpture appears to be in danger of toppling over when the next breeze hits it.

Visitor information:

The sculpture is a permanent artwork in public space and can be visited anytime.

Adress: Herner Meer, close to Gneisenaustraße 204, Herne
GPS: 51.5642, 7.25135