Schlagende Wetter


The term Schlagende Wetter (“firedamp explosion”) comes from mining terminology and describes the explosive reaktion of air and mine gas underground. Within the video installation by M+M, which was shot in the Ruhr area, the term also becomes a metaphor for interpersonal tensions. At the centre of the plot is a family from the Ruhr region, which lives in various generations under the same roof und which is exposed to various forms of interpersonal pressure.

While the characters of the parents represent the social and emotional upheaval of hte present, the grandfather seems to be stuck in the past, where the grand mining era of the region remains still intact. The son on the other side is in a quest for a future identity.  In the scenes the camera drills vertically thourgh the landscape. It ascends from mining shafts and the ruins of coking plants though the rooms of the apartments up into the sky and the heights of the mining waste tips, which are typical for the region.The industrial perforation and the situation of change and upheaval is mirrowed within the psyche of the residents, who behave like elements of a highly explosive chemical compound.

Actors: Feo Aladag, Sandro Lohmann, Oliver Mallison, Lisette Hake, Erich Sewcz

The video installation has been dismounted at the end of the exhibition and has been put back into storage.