Sorcerer’s Apprentice


Berlin-based artist group Inges Idee lets a pylon “break free”, in truest sense of the word break ranks: The pylon interrupts the electrical cords and escapes into liberty, but still appears electified, as if it power is running through it. Its curved shape forms a human shape and recalls the spirit from Goethe’s famous poem “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, which withdraws its obedience from the apprentice. Unruly energized – though lacing all its connecting cords – it stands in the middle of a green meadow and has escaped its destined functionality.  The stage for the dance of the renegade is located right in a region, highly influenced by heavy industries. In times of climate change and energy transition the sculpture poses questions about the future, but at the same time inevitably evokes memories of the glorious past of the Ruhr area.

With a total height of 35 meters and its composition of steel profiles, the sculpture is based on a conventional plyon. Actually all of its parts are produced individually, to make it seem as if the sculpture is dancing. Depending on the point of view, the sculpture changes its shape and appears to be moving. The artist group Inges Idee became known all around the globe within the last couple of years, mainly due to its eblematic sculptures and installations, which always refert to an precise context within public space.

Visitor information

The “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (German: „Zauberlehrling“) is of the permanent art works of Emscherkunst and accessible anytime in Oberhausen, close to Haus Ripshorst.
Adress: Ripshorster Str. 306, 46117 Oberhausen. There is a parking lot on site of Haus Ripshorst. ‎