Spirits of the Emscher Valley


With Spirits of the Emscher Valley, the artist duo Lucy + Jorge Orta enrich the new Emscher valley with a course of symbolic sculptures. These stand in context with a series of works that the artists have been implementing around the world during recent years: Through their combination of sculpture and performance, the Spirits portray historic or fictional residents of cities and areas. The figures tell story creating a connection between past, present, and future. The artist duo is creating three sculptures for specific places, spread throughout the exhibition course, for the Emscherkunst.
The duos project has a participative approach: To create the sculptures, Lucy + Jorge Orta work together closely with residents from the Ruhr area, people who have relations to the locations where the sculptures will be placed and can tell stories about them. Therefore, they help creating the sculpture’s spirit.

All three sculptures will be placed on Dortmunder territory, two in Dortmund Hörde and one on the Kokerei Hansa‘s property. The locations are connected both geographically and contentually. They can be reached well by bike in a day trip.


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