Tamil Stars


For Emscherkunst German artist Tobias Zielony created a film that focusede on the tamil community in Dortmund, the biggest in all of Europe. Since 2012 the soccer team “Tamilstars” exists in Dortmund, which by now plays in the “Kreisliga B”, the 8th tier of league football in Germany. The team shares its soccer field in Dortmund-Brackel with one other team. In the film the familiar grounds of a German soccer field become the setting of eerie and strange incidents. The floodlights go out and on the field the “stars” of  tamil mythology or the booming tamil film industry appear under black light: From evil spirits to “Bollywood-dancers”.  The stereo-animation was shown in an empty shop in Dortmund’s Rheinische Strasse, it has since been dismounted.