Theatre of Plants


On the ground of the former treatment plant Bottrop Ebel, today’s BernePark, four artists have realized their works for EMSCHERKUNST.2010. Besides the team of Piet Oudolf and GROSS.MAX, the German light artist Mischa Kuball and the American concept artist Lawrence Weiner implemented their concepts of light design of the edges of the water tanks as well as the written phrase “Catch as catch can” on the roof of the pavilion.

The landscaping project by Piet Oudolf and GROSS.MAX centers on the two sedimentation tanks, which have been given a new function. One of the tanks remains a basic water basin, but a round wooden platform in the middle, which can be reached via a bridge, invites visitors to relax and sun themselves. The other tank has been filled with soil, creating a slightly sunken but accessible park. Using more than 20.000 plants, flowers, and bushes, Oudolf has laid out what he calls a “natural painting”, where visitors can stroll, meditate, and linger.

Visitor information:

Adress: Ebelstraße 25a, 46242 Bottrop