Waiting for the River


With Waiting for the River  (“Warten auf den Fluss”) the Dutch artist group Observatorium created a very special project. First shown in context of the very first edition of Emscherkunst within the European capital of culture RUHR.2010, the sculpture instantly became a darling of the public. During the art summer of 2016 the installation it was shown once more, this time near the monumental waterway bridge of Emscher and Rhine-Herne-Canal in Castrop-Rauxel.

The about 38 Meters long roofed bridge sculpture is divided in three pavillons. Its zigzag shape create a broad panorama into the surrounding landscape, with small courtyards in between the pavilions. In terms of concept and function, this sculptural structure is an architectural proposal: until the new Emscher Valley actually becomes a reality in 2020, the bridge and its three pavilions will serve as a place for “productive waiting”, since it is through here that the re-naturalized Emscher will flow. Waiting for the River is therefore (still) a “sleeping bridge”. At the same time, says Observatorium, it is “three things: a work of fantasy, a reflection on the environment, and a building block for a community.” The sculpture offers space for waiting, washing, eating, drinking and sleeping. Here, guests can reflect about the promise of a natural river.

The installation is now closed, it will be shown again in 2017 during GREEN CAPITAL in the city of Essen.

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