Walkway and Tower

For Emscherkunst japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata selected a site close to the waterway bridge where the Emscher and the Rhine-Herne Canal intersect, in Castrop-Rauxel. Here, the Rhine-Herne Canal will soon be broadened to allow the passing of several cargo ships at the same time. And also the Emscher river is undergoing big changes on site: Until 2018 the waste water canal will be transformed into a nature-oriented river. Tadashi Kawamata accompanies this change with his installation Walkway and Tower. To the west of the water crossroad a walkway leads to a look out at the top of a hill. The walkway guides visitors through the landscape and to the tower: The winding way ascends continuosly and presents new perspectives onto the landscape. The tower itself meets all the demands of a purely functional architecture, conceptional speaking Tadashi Kawamata sees the tower as a sculpture and aesthetical determined shape. In collaboratin withe his assistant Tadashi Kawamata built the tower in context of the first Edition of Emscherkunst in 2010. It deliberately claims the character of the provisional, of the unfinished und the ephemeral.

Kawamata’s fundamental artistic principle—”birth and death”—is connected here to the transformation of the landscape itself. Once a naturally meandering river, the Emscher was straightened more than a century ago, degraded into a waste water canal. With the renaturation project, this destructive act will ultimately be reversed by 2018, turned into a future rebirth. The smelly, dead canal will once again become a naturally flowing river, surrounded by living marshes. This transformation, which is exemplary for the fundamental structural change in the Ruhr area, will be followed and observed for the top of Kawamata’s watch tower by visitors, cyclists and strollers.

Visitor information:

Adress: Close to Emschertalweg 62, only accessible by foot or bike.
GPS: 51.5897, 7.28605