Waste Water Fountain


With Waste Water Fountain, the Danish artist group SUPERFLEX erects a temporary memorial in form of a great fountain amidst the course of a river still carrying waste water on site, at the Stadthafen in Recklinghausen. The Emscher’s industrial image, an open waste water canal, reminds the artists of open intestines, our vital organ. Superflex celebrates the waste water for 100 days of Emscherkunst before it soon vanishes underground completely due to the Emscher conversion.

The Emscher’s waste water is conducted with pumps through the more than 4m high sculpture. It rises over the water surface and ground level and vehemently enters the observer’s view, equally showing uninhibited passion for breaking taboos and also delight for the absurd. The get-together of all our waste that used to be part of us, and the participation in a universal process of degradation shall also be celebrated, according to Superflex.


Visitor Information:

The art work is located within the stream of the Emscher River an can be seen best from the Emscher bridge at Bochumer Straße.
Adress: Bochumer Straße 253, Recklinghausen
Public transport: From Recklinghausen main station take Bus SB 20 (in direction Herne main station), get off at Recklinghausen Hochlarmarkstraße. From here it’s a 5 Minute walk.


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Waste Water Fountain was designed in close collaboration with KWY.