Zur kleinen Weile


With Zur kleinen Weile, the Berlin artist and architect collective raumlabor is creating an enchanted place along the river Emscher’s already renaturized course in Dortmund-Dorstfeld. At first, the accessible sculpture evades simple interpretations. Is it a stone? Is it something completely different? The artwork does not explain itself from the outside at once. It sparkles golden through a small opening in the upper part.

Located between the bike path and the new, renaturized river Emscher, the sculpture stands romantically framed by a small grove of trees. When coming closer, an entrance reveals itself. The inside shines golden and offers light, and warmth or chill, and shelter for a couple of people. The amorphous outside confronts the inside’s ideal spherical geometry which is connected to the outside by only a few openings. The immediacy of humanity and nature becomes tangible and the idea of man becoming one with the cosmos amid the acoustically and visually stunning scenery of the Ruhr area in Dortmund palpable.

Zur kleinen Weile enriches the new Emscher valley with a place that encourages reflecting about the origin and future of the gift of a renaturized riverscape. A place of deceleration, timelessness and maybe a place to reposition in the river of doings, river of time, in the relation to the enormous past and the urging questions of the Ruhr area’s future.

The title Zur kleinen Weile is not easy to translate. “Kleine Weile” describes an unspecified short amount of time, the addition “zur” can be read as being “en route to” or as a statement of location, e. g. a street name. The German prepositions “zur” or “zum” (lit. “at the”) are also a typically used when naming pubs. Generally one can say that “Zur kleinen Weile” refers to a place or state of contemplation.

Visitor information:

The sculpture is situated at the crossroads of Huckarder Straße and Heinrich-August-Schulten-Straße in Dortmund. There is as small parking lot nearby at Huckarder Straße 260.
Adresse: Huckarder Straße 260, Dortmund
GPS: 51.521569, 7.425760


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