The Prospering Flowers of Youth


Additional too many internationally renowned artists like Roman Signer, Janet Cardiff, Mark Dion and Lucy + Jorge Orta, Emscherkunst offers a stage for the up-and-coming artist generation as well. Headed by Professor Ferdinand Ulrich, students at the Kunstakademie Münster are developing many art projects for the Dortmunder Unionviertel along the densely populated Rheinische Straße.

Emscherkunst already cooperated with the Kunstakademie for its first edition during the Cultural Capital Year RUHR.2010. Back then, they created the Goldene Dorf (Golden Village) in Herne at the city limits to Recklinghausen – close to the Stadthafen. The Goldene Dorf was a cluster of different construction trailers in which visitors could stay and around which a broad field for experimentation opened up for the art students. Besides activities, performances, video-prgramms and parties, sculptural installations like the Schutzhelme by Sujin Do, which will be on view again this summer, were created.

Impressions from the Goldenen Dorf

All pictures: Roman Mensing and Thorsten Ahrendt.

To have an equally exiting and impulsive program for the Emscherkunst 2016, the Kunstakademie organized an internal contest. Students of all classes and years could apply with their project. The response was huge and at the end, thirteen projects involving far more than 30 students were chosen for realization by a jury consisting of the Emscherkunst’s team of curators, Florian Matzner, Katja Aßmann, and Simone Timmerhaus, and furthermore Prof. Ferdiand Ullrich. This offers a chance for the students to, for the first time, play on the international art scene’s stage and collect practical experience beyond the Kunstakademie’s sheltered environment.

At the same time, the academies young students have an occasionally particularly fresh and unbiased view and open up new perspectives in old contexts. For the Emscherkunst 2016, they have chosen the art area Unionviertel – an urban space that surely is not without problems, but where a young creative scene has been establishing itself for a few years. The academies students insert themselves at this place of change and develop projects for the Emscherkunst 2016 that deal with the surroundings and contribute changes to the place.

Next to a radio project, various excursions and artistic explorations, a film project and room for participative projects are planned. Long-time set terms are questioned, changed and supplemented, tracks laid but also conserved and presented, noise and sound transposed, placed decorated but alienated at the same time. Little has a permanent character, many things happen. Locations change, everything is progress. The district stays, as does art, in movement. We stay exited for the art summer 2016.